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Dublin’s premier environmental cleaning & sandblasting service.

Vapour Blasting

Our unique Cyclone blaster uses a combination of compressed air, water, and blast media so only a fraction of the amount of blast media is required when compared to dry blasting. Our unique system operates to increase or decrease the amount of water, blast media and air which gives greater control and precision over the entire blast process.

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House Clearance & Cleaning

Our House Clearance and cleaning team offer a house clearance and cleaning services for homeowners, business owners, Estate Agents regardless of the type of waste or level of cleaning required
Whether you plan to sell your property, let it out, refurbish it or even move into it yourself, we will clear out and clean the property for you regardless of its condition.

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Waste Removal

At Ashwood group we have 14 years’ experience working within the waste industry
Comprehensive waste removal and collection permit , licensed by the NWCPO.
Our permit permits us to enter your premises for the purpose of removing the waste.

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